The Super Sixty Collegiate Development Camp mission is to connect players with NCAA coaches and to educate them about the college recruiting process. NCAA field hockey and soccer coaches run all camp practice sessions and games and host daily seminars on

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Seminar Topics



Reaching out


  1. When should I start contacting coaches?
  2. What should I include when I write a letter or send an email to a coach?
    1. What should I include or not include?
    2. Does the letter or email go to the head coach, assistant, or both?
    3. Should I provide a video?
    4. Do I include a resume and if so, what should be on it?
    5. What should I include/not include in my resume?
  3. When and how often should I send follow up emails to coaches that I have reached out to? 
    1. Do I include academic information or just field hockey updates?
  4. If I’m going to a tournament, clinic, or play day, what should I put in an email to coaches?
  5. What happens after I compete in a recruiting event?
  6. What are the rules regarding contact with coaches?
    1. Can I call them on the phone?
    2. Should I expect a phone call back?
    3. If I speak to a coach on the phone, what should I ask?


 Getting to Know Programs


  1. How early do coaches start identifying their top recruits?
  2. How do I know if a coach is interested in me as a freshman?
    1. Is that something I can ask a coach?
  3. How early do coaches start offering roster spots?
  4. How early in the process should I know where I’m going to school?
    1. Is it too early to look into programs as a freshman?
  5. What is the difference between an official and unofficial visit?
  6. What is the value in taking an unofficial visit?
  7. Should I make an appointment with the coach before coming on campus?
  8. If I'm on campus taking a tour, is it okay to drop by the coach’s office?
  9. What if the coach can’t meet with me? Does that mean they aren’t interested?
  10. Should I ask the coach to give me a tour or should I go through the college/university?
  11. Can I ask a coach if I can observe practice
  12. What are some questions I should be asking?
    1. Academic?
    2. Benefits of being a student athlete?
    3. Strength and conditioning programs?
    4. Division/Conference?
    5. Training Room?
    6. Compliance?
  13. Can I observe your practice?



Evaluating Scholarships and Financial Aid


  1. How many scholarships are available at each school?
  2. Is it unusual to be offered a scholarship as a freshman?
  3. What is a verbal commitment?
  4. What happens after I commit to a verbal?
  5. When do coaches give out scholarship money?
    1. In person?
    2. Over the Phone?
    3. At a clinic? Play Day?
    4. Summer Camp?
    5. Unofficial Visits?
  6. What do scholarships include?
    1. Tuition?
    2. Room and Board?
  7. Are scholarships negotiable?
  8. What is the difference between a full and partial scholarship?
  9. Should I expect a numerical number or a percentage in a scholarship offer?
  10. How important are academics in athletics?
  11. How do academic scholarships work?
  12. Should I take the ACT or SAT’s?
  13. How does financial Aid work for schools with no athletic scholarships (Ivy’s?)