The Super Sixty Collegiate Development Camp mission is to connect players with NCAA coaches and to educate them about the college recruiting process. NCAA field hockey and soccer coaches run all camp practice sessions and games and host daily seminars on

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Pre-Arrival – no signs or symptoms for past 14 days and no contact with anyone sick in last 14 days.  (Participant questionaire ).

Any camper who falls ill during camp with possible symptoms of Covid 19 will be removed from participation.

We have restructured into camp groups of just 4 teams. Each camp group will not interact or play with other camp groups.

There will be multiple hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipe stations.

Separate “on” and “off” field entrances and exits will be used for each group and extra time will be allotted for the change of groups in lines that practice social distancing.  

All campers must bring their own water bottle(s) or sports drink containers pre-filled for use during the entire camp day. We will not provide common water dispensers to fill water bottles.

Seminars will be held outdoors under tents with social distancing. 

Individually packed meals and snacks will be provided as indicated in the camp schedule. Campers will eat outside under tents with social distancing.





      The Superdome has invested in tens of thousands of dollars in PPE, gloves, masks, etc. and cleaning supplies for the facility, the common  areas and the turf.  The facility will be sanitized no less than 3 times daily, in the mornings before camps, before the afternoon sessions and before the evening sessions.

      The Superdome has just replaced all the filters in our very extensive filtration system and will utilize antibacterial filters.   The Dome is an air structure, so we can turn up the pressure and increase the air exchanges significantly. As well we can control the humidity in the facility as well as the temperature.  These are controls that we possess that most retail businesses, schools, and other facilities do not have at their disposal  Those who join us in winter know it can be chillier in here than at a non-Dome facility.  That is due to the massive fresh air that is blown in constantly without every ceasing.  It's that fresh air that keeps the Dome inflated, and it's that fresh air, and the antibacterial filtering, that will help maximize the safety of the Superdome.  The outdoor field is very well protected and is thoroughly sanitized twice per day.