The Super Sixty Collegiate Development Camp mission is to connect players with NCAA coaches and to educate them about the college recruiting process. NCAA field hockey and soccer coaches run all camp practice sessions and games and host daily seminars on

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eminar Outline
The Junior Year

(given by coaches in camp)

Junior Year – Reaching out

  1. What should I include when I write you a letter or send you an email? Should I include a video?
  2. What should I include/not include in my resume? 
  3. When and how often should I send follow up e-mails to coaches I have been in contact with?
  4. Should I e-mail the head or assistant coach?
  5. How often should I e-mail academic and/or field hockey updates?
  6. What should I say in an e-mail before a tournament a coach is coming to?
  7. Can I call you and talk to you on the phone?    
Junior Year Time Table
  1. How early does a coach identify their top recruits?
  2. How will I know if I’m a top recruit? Can I ask a coach that?
  3. What happens after Festival? Disney? NIT’s?
    1. What should I do?
    2. What should I expect from coaches?
  4. How will I know if I’m a top recruit? Can I ask a coach that?
  5. What happens after Festival? Disney? NIT’s?
    1. What should I do?
    2. What should I expect from coaches?
  6. When do coaches start offering roster spots?
  7. How early in the process should I know where I’m going to school?
  8. Can I call the coach to ask questions about the field hockey program if I’m interested in that school?
    1. When is the best time to do this?
    2. What should I ask the coach?
  9. How often should I be in contact with a coach?
  10.  How and when can players verbally commit to schools? 
  11.  Is a verbal commitment binding- what can change that?
  12.  What is a National Letter of Intent?
  13.   How does the Admissions process affect verbal commitments/Letters of Intent?   
  14.  Ivy’s - understanding the Academic Index ( AI)
  15. If I receive an offer early in the recruiting process, but still want time to visit other schools I am interested in, what should I tell the coach?
  16. How long after a coach makes me an offer will they wait for your response? If I wait too long, will the scholarship and/or roster spot be gone?
  17. What's the difference between the phrases, “walk on”, “try out”, and “roster spot position”?
Junior Year Unofficial Visits
  1. What is the difference between an official and unofficial visit?
  2. What is the value in taking an unofficial visit?
  3. Should I make an appointment with the coach before coming on campus?
  4. If I'm on campus taking a tour, is it okay to drop by the coach’s office?
  5. What if the coach can’t meet with me? Does that mean they aren’t interested?
  6. Should I ask the coach to give me a tour or should I go through the college or university?
  7. Can I observe your practice?
  8. What are some questions I should be asking you?
Evaluating Scholarships and Financial Aid
  1. How many scholarships are available at each school?
  2. If a coach doesn’t offer me scholarship money, does that mean they don’t think I’m a good enough player?
  3. How much scholarship money should I expect?
  4. When do coaches give out scholarship money?
    1. In person? Over the phone? At spring clinics? At summer camps? Unofficial visits?
  5. What happens after I accept an offer?
  6. What does a scholarship include?
    1. Room and Board?
    2. Tuition?
    3. How do you pay your bill?
    4. Is it a rebate or credited to your account?
  7. What is the difference between a full and partial scholarship?
  8. Should I expect a numerical number or a percentage?
  9. Are scholarships negotiable?
  10. How do academic scholarships work?
  11.  How does financial Aid work for schools with no athletic scholarships (Ivy’s?)
  12. When will I know in the recruiting/application process how much financial aid I qualify for?
Academic Considerations
  1. What academic scholarships are offered?
  2. Does your school offer reduced tuition for those who have high academic achievement?
  3. What are the academic support services for athletes offered at your school?
  4. What happens if I'm doing poorly in a class? Are there tutors?
  5. Is there an academic advisor for the whole athletics program or just my sport?