The Super Sixty Collegiate Development Camp mission is to connect players with NCAA coaches and to educate them about the college recruiting process. NCAA field hockey and soccer coaches run all camp practice sessions and games and host daily seminars on

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  • Grip Manipulation
    •  Clockwise/Counter Clockwise
  • Cone Work and Mine Fields
    • Ability to handle the ball smoothly and quickly is the basis for advanced elimination moves
    • Lateral movement coming from grip manipulation
    • Deceptive Lifts coming from grip manipulation
  • Body Sway/Fakes Over the Ball
    • An aid in eliminating and ”freezing” the defense
  • 3D Hockey
    • Lateral pulls with lifts
    • In air change of direction pulls
      • Lift and carry on stick, then pull right in air
      • Lift and carry on stick, then pull left in air
      • Move ball right in air and pull left in air
      • Move ball left in air and pull right in air
    • Deceptive lifts
    • Ariels
    • Lifts while dribbling
    • Ramping
      • Self Ramp
      • Ramp from reception
  • Additional Elimination Skills
    • Show and Go Right
    • Show and Go Left
    • C-Fakes
      • No cross over
      • With cross over
    • Zig Zag/Zipper Movement
    • V-Drags
    • Pops
    • Ball snaps (basic pull rights and lefts – perfected!)
  • Obstacle course: Put it all together
  • Shooting: Put it all together
  • 1v1’s: Both attack and defense need advance stick work skills to be successful

Goal Keeper Curriculum
*Fundamental Skills:


  • Angles
  • Body Position
  • Zones
  • Speed/Direction of Ball

*Kick, Jab, Lung Saves:

  • Kicking Box
  • Transfer Weight
  • Body Position
  • Surface Area/ Contact with Ball

*Splits, Diving, Punch Clears Technique
**Block Tackle, Slide Tackle, Penalty Stroke
*Role/ Responsibly as a Goal Keeper
*Plyometric & Footwork Drills