The Super Sixty Collegiate Development Camp mission is to connect players with NCAA coaches and to educate them about the college recruiting process. NCAA field hockey and soccer coaches run all camp practice sessions and games and host daily seminars on

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Rising Junior Summer - The rising junior summer is the single most productive time frame to gain exposure. The larger D-I programs are finishing up on that recruiting class (but still looking for an athlete or two), and the smaller D-I programs (including the Ivies) and all D-II programs are identifying most of their prospects for that class by the end of that summer.  D-III programs are beginning to identify their recruiting class.

With the new NCAA recruiting rules in place, D I coaches may communicate with players they are interested in after June 15 of Sophomore Year. 

If there is a particular college program you are especially interested in, and the coach has specifically invited you to attend a camp or clinic – go to it!   However, attending more than a couple of these is an inefficient way for you to explore multiple opportunities.

The best use of your summer camp funds is to attend the July Super Sixty Camp.  With so many coaches at one camp, the exposure is both efficient and reliable, since every camper works with every coach.  The level of play is consistently high amongst campers, making it easier for coaches to identify players.

Continue to work on athleticism and stick skills all summer!

If you are considering an academically elite college, you may want to work on test preparation for the SAT or ACT, which you should take at least once during the fall of your junior year.


11th grade -   If you are seeking a D-I or D-II opportunity, hopefully you will receive some letters of interest from some programs.  This is great news, but remember that the coaches from these schools still have some more narrowing down to do as they explore how good a fit you are both academically and athletically for their program. 

Continue to stay in touch with the coach or coaches - they most likely will want to see you play one more time.  They may try to see you at Festival or Shooting Star over tehe Thanksgiving weekend (if they attend), or they could have an opportunity to see you at the Super Sixty December Junior Camp.

If you do not receive any communication during your rising Junior summer, and you want to play D-I or D-II, do not despair. The smaller D-I programs, Ivies and all D-II programs will still be looking for players through the fall and winter of your junior year.  Occasionally, some larger D-I programs will be as well.  

All D-III programs will be looking for players during the junior year and the rising senior summer.

If you are not sure which NCAA division you would like to play in, attending the  Super Sixty December Junior camp, which has 32-24 NCAA coaches of all divisions ( DI, DII and DIII), will give you an opportunity to gain interest from coaches in all divisions - helping you to have more options as you go through the recruiting process.

If you are only considering D-III opportunities, then the December Junior Camp would be an excellent chance to work with many coaches in a prime window.  Remember that D-III coaches often do not have the recruiting budgets that allow them to attend showcase tournaments, such as Festival, Winter Escape or the President's Day Tournament, so Super Sixty Camps are one of the most efficient ways to be seen by many of them.


Continue to work on athleticism.   You can find good examples of exercises for sprint training, agilities, plyometrics and core work on

Continue to work on stick skills. Practicing stick skills at home in your driveway, garage or basement requires only an investment of some balls and cones, but will return many benefits in the future.


Devote sufficient time to academics.  Better academic performance will translate into increased opportunities.  Take the PSAT and any applicable Subject Tests. 

If you are interested in an academically elite school, take either the SAT or ACT at least once during the 1st half of your junior year.  Coaches will be better able to evaluate your academic fit for their school if you have scores available. The earlier a clear academic fit is determined, the greater your potential opportunities.


Rising Senior Summer - If you are seeking D-III opportunities, this is a critical window for you.   D-III coaches will try to narrow down their recruiting class by the end of the summer.  If you are still seeking D-I or D-II opportunities, some of the smaller D-I schools and D-II schools may still be looking for one or two players.

Attending the July Super Sixty Camp, will provide you with an efficient venue to gain exposure to multiple schools for all of these options. 

If a coach works with you at the Super Sixty Camp and invites you to their school’s camp that summer, be sure to attend! 

Continue to work on athleticism and stick skills.